Wes' 2014 Holiday Card

Some assembly required!

The final product

The front:

The back:

Assembly sequence

Here are all the parts with everything punched out that's supposed to be punched out. Note that I've got the Happy, New, and Year Pieces backwards because we're going to assemble everything from the back.

Start with the Panel face up and fold the base down. (Easiest to do on a sharp table edge.)

Then fold the side flaps down the same way.

Prepare the "Happy Piece" by folding up all the tabs. (Remember to turn it over first so that "Happy" is backwards.)

Pushing up more tabs on the "Happy Piece"

Fold the leg of the "Happy Piece" along the perforations.

On the Wheel, push the big tabs (around the center) DOWN.

Push the small tabs UP.

Attach the Wheel to the Panel by inserting the big tabs through the hole from the back and flattening them on the front.

Attach the Happy Piece leg to the leg on the base by pushing together the matching slits.

The red piece is a little longer, so after you make it snug, fold over the red tabs to lock it in place.

The Happy Piece with a leg to the base.

Fold up the base and the side tabs.

Lock them in place using the matching slits. (Bend the side flaps out to get them in place.)

With the side flaps in place, the card can stand on its own.

Attach the other end of the Happy Piece to the wheel by inerting the small tabs through the hole.

The Happy Piece is now in place.

Attach the New Piece to its pivot point. (Fold the tabs in to get them through the rectangular hole.)

Insert the tabs through the slot and flatten them.

Insert the "Year Piece" into its slot, then attach it to the Happy Piece by inserting the small tabs through the hole and flattening them on top.

You're done! Here's what the back should look like.

Here's what the front should look like.

Turn the wheel to have a Happy New Year!